7 Things you may not know about The World Bar


First and foremost, The World Bar is a live music venue, nestled on the leafy street of Bayswater Road, in the heart of Kings Cross.

As a venue it’s identity has always been tied to Sydney’s nightlife, but what you may not know is that it also offers a broad spectrum of unique arts and culture from day into night…Some of those things you may not even know about, like…

Monday night Jazz: Monday’s are a notoriously hard night to find live music, but not anymore! Every Monday you can get your fix with a full Jazz and Latin band putting on a show at the open mic night. The World Bar transforms into a soulful jazz club with a full 5 piece band. We love musos getting up to perform!

The World Bar has always provided a stage for live music, but it has extended its stage to include live Theatre and Cabaret. Operating under the name Blood Moon theatre the venue has hosted some ambitious productions, including a full venue immersive production, Hidden Sydney, The Glittering Mile, that took patrons on a journey to the underbelly of Kings Cross as part of Art and About. And just starting now is Ben Noble’s one man show ‘Member’ in conjunction with this years Mardi Gras.

Burlesque: The World Bar is intimate, enchanting and a little bit mysterious, so it’s the perfect backdrop for cheeky Burlesque and performance art. Every Thursday night, you can catch seductive performance from artists such as Betty Grumble, Rosie Rivette, Ziade Velvet Vain, and Bella Louche to name a few.

99DB: Also on Thursday’s you can get your fix of live Punk/Metal/Hardcore bands blowing the top off of World Bar for 99DB each week. Party pop-punk and grunge tunes play all night in the front with it getting heavy out the back!

A script in hand is a monthly theatre meet-up that happens in the Blood Moon theatre. The event provides a breeding ground for young actors, writers and directors to see their works on stage and get critical feedback from their peers. Young creatives also have access to free rehearsal space within the venue.

Comedy: Sunday at The World Bar usually involves a roast, and we’re not talking about lamb. Laugh Mob comedy bring together a mix of local and international talent for a few sweet hours of comic relief. They’ve hosted some of the best in the business including Broad Cities Hannibal Buress, Workaholics’ Erik Griffin and local talent Neel Kolhtkar.

Also did you know that there is a World Bar in New Zealand? The World Bar Sydney’s sister venue is nestled on a lake in the picturesque town of Queenstown, and you can win an all expenses paid trip to go visit. Simply visit The World Bar in Sydney and share a pic with the hashtag #SevenDaysOfPlay to win. Winners announced on March 31st, entries are unlimited!


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