Tasty New Teapot Menu


Just when you thought you couldn’t love our tasty range of teapots, last Friday we officially launched a whole new range of flavours.



Vodka, strawberry liqueur, cream, grenadine & cranberry

“Strawberries & cream in a cup, although some say it tastes like Hubbu Bubba”

Green Jamaican $20

Banana liqueur, midori, malibu & pineapple
Served with dehydrated banana

“Fruity. Tropical. Banana”

Espresso Martini $20

Vodka, espresso, coffee liqueur, cream & a dash of sugar syrup

“As you know it, just a little bit different”

Spicy Fifty $20

Vodka, elderflower, tobasco, honey, sour mix & cranberry
Served with a red chilli for extra spice

“Nice & fresh, but with a little spicy kick at the end”

Summer Island Iced Tea $20

Vodka, bacardi, gin, tequila, blue curaçao, sour mix, energy drink & lemonade

“An energetic take on the classic”

Mexican Apple $25

Tequila, midori, lime & apple juice

“It’s an illusion! Or no its not, just apple, mexican apple”

Danger Illustrated $25

JD fire, bourbon, lime juice, pineapple juice & ginger ale
Served with a stick of cinnamon

“Like a ball of fire with hints of cinnamon”

The Why Tai $25

Bacardi fuego, bacardi oro, triple sec, orgeat, lime & pineapple juice
Served with a slice of fresh orange

“Kind of like the Mai Tai, but with a Worldy touch”

Bubble Blow Out $25

St germain elderflower, prosecco, grand marnier, elderflower syrup & soda
Served with a fresh slice of cucumber

“Elderflower & bubbles, great way to start off your night”

Champagne Supernova $50

Grey goose vodka, peach schnapps, madagascan vanilla syrup, peach extract & served with a piccolo of Moet & Chandon Brut

“Celebrate in style with this silver pot of decadence”


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