MEDIA RELEASE: fake news media have again reported World Bar is for sale, it’s not


The World Bar is not for sale but the building in which the venue resides in is, with the current lease for World Bar expected to run for another twenty-two years.

In the past stories have appeared implying the World Bar was for sale when only the building in which it resides was sold.

Greg Turton, general manager of World Bar stated, “We thought we would get ahead of the curve and announce that while the building is again for sale, World Bar was not and will not be sold off.”

World Bar has recently ushered in a new era of partying in the Cross with Maker Agency for their new Saturday night even And Then… featuring the likes of Nina Las Vegas, Joyride, Linda Marigliano and so many more.

Turton said, “And Then’s addition to an already exciting roster of events like Banquet, The Wall and Switch proves the continuing strength of World Bar. This alongside the news of Keep Sydney Open’s ‘Meet Me In The Cross’ event to showcases the talent in Sydney provides a strong argument for a new period of clubbing in the area.”

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