Meet Disco Bordello, Your New Functions and Party Space


Meet Disco Bordello, like the old Bordello that once resided there but in it’s place lies something a little more special. In partnership with Bacardi & Maker Agency‘s And Then we’ve created the ultimate functions and party space.

And within Disco Bordello is Disco Fuego a pastiche of the excess 80s’ Miami – so no mullets – with pastel colours, disco balls, florals, table service and an array of Fuego-influenced drinks all under $20. It’s where The World Bar’s most colourful and expressive characters will reside.
To enter climb to the top of The World Bar and look behind the bookcase. And as you open the door you’ll enter Disco Fuego, a room where only the finest house and disco is selected. It’s an escape away from the party downstairs and a disco wonderland like you’ve never experienced.

Disco Fuego will be open every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday from 9pm till late. To book a table or function click HERE.

Welcome to the top of the world.