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Welcome, Bondi Beach Radio!

Category : Blog · by Apr 29th, 2016


Digital broadcaster Bondi Beach Radio and The World Bar are collaborating to establish a Kings Cross, Eastside music and creative hub. The hub is set to reinvigorate inner east cultural community through engaging with a plethora of local creatives.

“The World Bar has always been a music-orientated venue, but we understand that arts community is an ecosystem that is inextricably linked and that the meeting of creative minds can lead to amazing new ideas and innovation.” says Clint O’Hanlon, The World Bar’s chief of fun times.

In early May Bondi Beach Radio will officially go to air from the new Potts Point studio, marking the inauguration of the new collaborative precinct. The Eastside hub is now open to members of the community who are on the hunt for an inspirational new workspace.


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