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Reserved Areas

We’ve got a plethora of areas available to hire (free of charge), ranging from intimate lounges to entire rooms, and we happily arrange door discounts and champagne on arrival. We understand that there’s a lot of great places in town where you might like to arrange drinks, but we think the flexibility of our many areas, and the different feel that each one has - combined with our famous World Bar hospitality – is why we’re the number one choice for a lot of folks.

In terms of availability, ask us as early as possible via the form to the right. A Highly-Trained World Bar Customer Service Liaison Special Ops Technician™ will be in touch within a few days. Please do not assume a function is booked until you get 100% confirmation from a human being. Our areas can be in high demand at times so unfortunately there’s no guarantee we’ll have the space you’re after on the date you require. But in saying that we’re always growing, so expect to see more rooms and bars pop up in this section as time goes by.

AREAS The Lower Terrace: Perfect for early groups, this covered area is vibrant in Summer and cozy in Winter. Enjoying the great outdoors while still within the confines of a nightclub is a rare pleasure indeed (as is an area friendly to our endangered brothers and sisters, the ‘smoker’ species).

The Upper Terrace: With a clear view of the Bayswater Rd wildlife, this raised outdoor area is close to the action yet can be roped off for privacy (please do not use this rope to lasso aforementioned wildlife). Sitting out on the street, bevvy in hand, watching the World go by is a popular pastime for all of us here at World Bar HQ.

The Leather Lounges: Right beside the dance floor in the front bar, these Chesterfields are perfect for small to medium groups who want to be right in the thick of it. Its like being your very own lounge room, surrounded by people you don’t actually know! They’re nice though, say hi.

The Apothecary: Our latest edition is this cocktail bar and oasis of happy late-night chatter, a feast of cluttered scientific artifacts and mystical iconography. The raised lounge area is the perfect place to meet for quiet(ish) pre-drinks before exploring the rest of the club, while our sumptuous booths provide a secluded area for all sorts of mischief. Is the closest you’ll get to an 1800’s converted-laboratory voodoo jazz den without a time machine and a Michael J. Fox to operate it.

The Club Booth: At the heart of the party, the Club Room booth is perfect for late groups who like it loud and want a base near the dancefloor. I said, “PERFECT FOR LATE GROUPS WHO LIKE IT LOUD!” This room is our flagship bar – it holds the most people, is open the latest, and hosts our biggest acts, whether they be international DJs or hot young bands. A truly underground cavernous nightclub experience, and a sensory explosion of light, sound and sweat. Okay, so that’s kind of gross but you get the picture.

The Bordello Room: Dependent on availability, this room can be hired exclusively or until a certain time in the evening. It boasts a state-of-the-art sound system, DJ equipment, a top floor balcony and bar, topped off with décor reminiscent of 18th Century Paris. One of our most popular spaces, way up top of the venue. Faisons la fete! Or something.

The Tea Room: Depending on the night of the week, this whole room can be reserved exclusively - or may due to necessity open to the public around 10:30pm on busier evenings. Complete with DJ equipment, club lights, a bar and balcony, this clean and modern room is also used as a mid-week art exhibition space. Yep, that’s them thar purdy pictures up on the walls.

The World Bar Bookings

Please fill in the form to apply for that holy grail of nightclubbery - a prearranged priority entry guestlist for your special occasion or get-together. Note that these lists are limited and often full for some time in advance... we will do our best to accommodate your enquiry but cannot guarantee anything!

We also very unlikely to be able to accept guestlists on the day of an event. Above all else, please remember that if you do not get a reply from a human being confirming that your guestlist request has been approved - it is not approved! Happy hunting...


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